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If you are looking to make money in the adult entertainment business then this page is for you.

First, you need a site, then you need content, then, most importantly, you need traffic. Lots and lots of traffic.

If you think running an adult website is easy or some sort of get rich quick scheme, you are sadly mistaken. It takes a tremendous amount of work to do it and actually make money. The porn industry is worth about $90 billion a year, according to some reports. It is no surprise, then, that many have their fingers in the pie. Competition for porn traffic is fierce. Add to that the fact that many websites are located off of American shore, thereby out of American legal jurisdiction. This means that companies and private individuals have no legal recourse in such matters as copyright infringement, etc. Tube sites such as Xhamster, Youporn, and others dominate the market and the Google rankings,  often showing full length videos for free to generate advertising revenue. The end result is that it can be difficult to make any significant money. But it is still possible if you are willing to work. Finally, you need to understand that in order to be successful, you need to treat it like a business. Businesses require investment, in money, time, and work. More on that later.


Step 1
The Site

First, you need a site. That means a domain name, preferably a dot com domain, but a dot net will do. You can register your domain at a variety of companies. HostGator is a good one, and works well for hosting too. A domain name will cost about $15 per year, depending on options you choose. You do not necessarily have to have a name that is porn related, but it certainly will not hurt either. Some well established sites, like The Hun.net do not have names that directly relate to porn, but most of these sites have been around for decades. Back then, things were a little different. Today, try and find a name that at least somewhat relates to your site content. When you find a name, register it, then its not a bad idea to register the corresponding .net names if its available too.

Then you need hosting. Hosting has definitely gotten cheaper. Hostgator offers several plans, for a very reasonable cost. Choose one with unlimited domains if you go with the shared hosting. Shared hosting is the primary choice if you are just starting out, unless you have a budget big enough for dedicated hosting. Today’s shared plans are a good, cost-effective way to get started. Then you can move to dedicated if your site develops enough traffic.

Once you have a registered domain name  and a hosting plan, you need a platform. If you have the necessary coding skill, you can build your site from the ground up. If you have that skill, however, you probably do not need this page at all. WordPress is a good alternative. It is free and most hosting companies, including Hostgator, offer one-click WordPress installation. WordPress is also easy to use and get up and running, with only a minimal amount of coding and PHP programming knowledge necessary to make some small edits here and there. There are also many free WordPress themes available, many of which can be customized or modified. There are other platforms available as well, but WordPress is a very popular one because of its ease of use and customization features.


Step 2

What good is a porn site if it has no porn? Fortunately, most porn companies give away content for you to use for free to stock your site with. Unfortunately, you are definitely not the only game in town, and a gazillion other sites probably have this same content. This is especially true with such providers as Playboy, Penthouse, Met Art and other large commercial pron outfits. These companies have a vested interest in having as many sites as possible promoting their


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